General Family Dentistry in Delta

Residents of Delta may access quality dental healthcare from the friendly and professional staff at Lifestyle Dental. The dentists at Lifestyle Dental have years of training and experience. When you choose Lifestyle Dental for your dental health needs, not only are you placing your smile in good hands, we’ll give you the answers and information to feel like you’re in good hands! Delta patients may choose Lifestyle Dental for a number of dental health procedures, including cleanings, dental wellness exams, consultations for more aesthetic procedures and much more! Above all, Lifestyle Dental is Delta’s go to provider for general family dentistry. What does that entail? Let’s take a closer look!

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry (particularly general family dentistry) is a broad-sweeping category of dental practice. Your family dentist is one of your first lines of defense against more serious dental maladies. One of the primary responsibilities of a family dentist is to perform routine dental cleanings and dental health exams. In doing so, the dentists at Lifestyle Dental are able to monitor developments in your dental health from visit to visit. They will be the first to know if more complicated dental procedures such as a root canal, filling, crown, or veneer may be appropriate for you. They will regularly take x-rays of your teeth and jaws to document long-term changes and developments.

Your family dentist will likely ask you questions about you and your lifestyle to get a more accurate assessment if your dental health risks. Dietary choices such as the consumption of dyed sodas, red wine, coffee, or tea may lead to the staining or discoloration of your teeth as well as causing accelerated wear and tear to your tooth enamel. Your family dentist may also ask you (in confidence, of course) about more sensitive lifestyle choices such as whether or not you smoke or use harder drugs which may cause accelerated damage or staining to your teeth. Not all of the questions your family dentist may ask will be quite so serious. Even knowing about your hobbies and interests may prove to be useful in assessing potential risks and hazards to your dental health. For example, if you are about to take up hockey as a sport, the dentists at Lifestyle Dental will want to know so that you can be fitted for a mouth guard.

Your family dentist should be kept in the loop on all developments to your daily life and lifestyle choices in order to ensure that your dental health regimen is equipped to accommodate these developments. If you feel self-conscious of your smile or believe that you may be a candidate for procedures such as laser teeth whitening, porcelain dental veneers, or realignment procedures such as braces or Invisalign, your family dentist will likely be your first point of contact. If you should feel that any of these procedures are right for you, your family dentist will be able to determine or confirm that this is the case and lay out your options for moving forward.

What Services Fall Under the General Dentistry Category?

For most general family dentists, the services and procedures offered depends on the background and training of the dentist. Some family dentists are able to provide more cosmetic or aesthetic treatments such as laser teeth whitening, porcelain dental veneers, and more. Most general family dentists, however, offer a set of services as a standard. These services include dental cleanings, dental wellness exams, consultations for more specialized procedures such as dental realignment using braces or Invisalign. Family dentists will also be able to screen you for more severe dental maladies such as mouth cancer, gingivitis, and others.

Most general family dentists offer a number of more complex procedures such as fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, and root canals. These procedures may involve anesthetic, a recovery period, and post-procedure instructions and care. Fortunately, the seasoned staff at Lifestyle Dental are able to guide you through these more complex procedures with minimal discomfort both mentally and physically. Our staff will work with you to answer any questions and address any comments or concerns you may have to give you the confidence you need for a successful treatment.

If you’re ready to place your smile in the trusted hands of the professionals at Lifestyle Dental, give us a call today to schedule your first appointment. Delta patients may reach us over the phone at (604) 596-8712 or request an appointment online.

We will be able to answer any questions you may have and assist you in completing the necessary paperwork prior to your first appointment. Lifestyle Dental can’t wait to join your dental healthcare team. We look forward to giving you something to smile about!